Learning to ride a bike.

Learning to ride a bike.


Learning to ride a bike.

Understanding of how to use this vehicle, how to balance up, start walking, bending and

stop safely. The aim is to teach those who have never ridden a bike to do so in a

safe, discreet and using an efficient methodology to achieve the

objectives within hours.

Target audience

All persons over 12 years who can not ride a bike and want to learn.

(For under 12, contact us via email formacao@bkportugal.com indicating the age of the learner

and other information deemed relevant).

Features and prices

Duration 2 hours
1ª lesson 35 €
other lessons 25 €

After the online purchase of the class, please send us an email (formacao@bkportugal.com) with the day and time you want. 

See the availability of dates and times in the following chart.

A inscrição e frequência dos cursos de condução de bicicleta da BK pressupõem o conhecimento e concordância com as regras de funcionamento deste serviço.

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