BK Lisboa

Rua Morais Soares, 35c - Lisboa

BK 5 (5€)

Fix mechanical brakes

Tire change

Freewheel or cassette replacement

Handlebar tape placement

BK10 (10€)

Flat repair (including tube)

Gears fix

Maintenance headset

Wheel axis and bottom bracket exchange 


BK 15 (15€)


BB Exchange


BK 25 (25€)

Make a wheel (replace hub for eg.)

Bleeding hydraulic brakes (incl. special oil)


BK REV 1 (25€)

Services to be performed:

Change of cables and rows as needed.

Gears and mechanical brakes

Grips in clearances


BK REV 2 (45€)

Change of cables and rows as needed.

Gears and all brakes types

Grips in clearances


Grips in clearances

Basic straightening wheels

BK Pack&Go (25€)

We pack your bicycle in a small size box (by removing only the front wheel) and properly packed.

The value of the service is unique, regardless of the size of the bike and already includes the box. We suggest that you contact the store in advance to schedule and thus will be faster.


For reasons of customer safety and unavailable parts, we reserve the right not to fix low-cost bikes.



work hour - 20 €

Bike restore under budget

Prices include VAT will legal rate, with exception of the service BK Pack & Go



About the mechanic

Fernando Chicarini

BK Lisbon co-founder and currently bike repair coordinator, is linked to the bicycle mechanic from childhood. Born in Belo Horizonte / Brazil, soon fell in love with the two wheels. As a child already arranged bikes from friends and while it was learning and developing their skills in the workshop of your neighborhood. At 16 years old, had his own bike repair shop, which ensured for 10 years before coming to Portugal.


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Kit Bicicleta Eléctrica

A melhor solução para converter a sua bicicleta numa eléctrica. Com 3 ou 5 níveis de potência e velocidade de 25 ou 33 kms/h. Valores já incluem montagem/testes.