Bike shop, workshop, school

In 2012, after a long journey of adventures across Europe and a very different reality of our land, in terms of sustainable mobility (which includes the use of the bicycle as a means of daily transport), we found that in Portugal there were very few Companies dedicated to this theme. We saw in that absence an opportunity and in September of the same year we started the activity and created BK Lisboa - workshop, school and bicycle shop.

In 2012 came an invitation from Órbita - Portuguese bicycles, to be your representative in the region of Lisbon. This representation was revolutionary not only for us as small marketers but also for the brand itself that with more than 40 years of activity still did not have a 100% representation in the capital.

We started activities at Rua Morais Soares, in Lisbon, a store with two floors. Initially only workshop and months later, Òrbita representative shop - Portuguese bicycles.

In June 2013, we invested in a new, larger space (300m2 divided into three floors), on the same street (Morais Soares), but at number 35C




In September 2013 BK was distinguished by the FPCUB with the "National Bike Mobility Award", standing out as one of the brands that contributed most and contributed to sustainable mobility in Portugal.


When you buy at BK Lisboa you buy with the same value of the factory, with equal confidence and guarantee. To this, we add the factor of speed and comfort, to be able to take the bike on time, already mounted and tuned.

We intend to respond to all needs and even if we do not have it in stock, we get the bike within a few days.


BK Lisboa is committed to training in several areas and is managed by licensed professionals.

At the moment it offers courses of mechanics of bicycles, driving of bicycles and English language, that can be acquired online in or directly in the store BK Lisboa


We are responsible for the health of your bike!

Speed, professionalism, simplicity, passion ... We are passionate about the bike, what it represents, its mechanics, its components and how they interact with each other. Each component is fundamental to the entire operation.

We have restoration and painting services.